London’s Hyde Park – The Ideal Place for Anyone Who Loves the Outdoors

London’s rich history, high diversity and the fact that it is one of the largest metropolises in the world make it an alluring place for every tourist. In fact, London is the kind of city where even the highly meticulous tourist – who has done his homework and created a to-do list based on various travelling guides and personal exchanges – might get overwhelmed very quickly. 

Perhaps one of the most emblematic attractions, besides the Buckingham Palace of course, is the notorious Hyde Park. Granted, everyone knows about Hyde Park and most people are familiar with its unmatched beauty, thanks to postcards and photos. Still, few people have actually taken the time to walk from end to end and discover the mysteries of this lush territory which is only just down the road from B+B Belgravia.

In the following guide we will summarize some of the most fun activities to indulge in whilst visiting Hyde Park. However, keep in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are many other things to do and see here as well as in the royal neighborhood of Belgravia.

The Serpentine Lake

If you enjoy bird watching but don’t want to travel halfway across the globe to pursue your hobby then the Serpentine Lake is the perfect place to settle into your element. Renowned for numerous geese, swans and other birds pecking around the perimeter, what better way to spend a lazy afternoon than sipping a glass of wine and admiring the sights? And, if you’re in the mood for a little activity you could always go for a dip in the water at the swimming club in its vicinity or rent a small boat for some moderate paddling around the lake.

Rent a folding chair

In case you want to get away from the hectic city life for a few hours and reconnect with Mother Nature, then an affordable way to have your little sanctuary implies renting a folding chair. These chairs can be found all over the Park, can be easily recognized by their green and white stripes and can cost less than 2 pounds.

Kensington Gardens & Palace

In all honesty, you simply can’t say you visited Hyde Park without taking a tour of the famous Kensington Gardens & Palace, the place where the wonderful Princess Diana herself resided. Nowadays, the site includes a memorial in honor of the late Princess of Hearts as well as an impressive art gallery featuring modern and contemporary exhibits.

Speaker’s Corner

Founded approximately 150 years ago, the Speaker’s Corner is one of the most famous open-air public speaking, debate and discussions spots in the world. However, if you want to be swept off your feet and take part in a memorable session of soapbox theatrics then it is best to visit Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner on Sunday mornings.

Hyde Park sports

In the eventuality that you are visiting Hyde Park with a few of your closest friends, then some exciting ways to spend the day entail playing tennis, going head to head in a match of touch football or signing up for a horse riding lesson. Alternatively, if your visit is relatively short and you want to make sure you see most of Hyde Park, then consider renting a bike from one of the numerous stations within.

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Roald Dahl Comes to the Stage in London

As one of the busiest cities in the world, arguably rivalled in it’s atmosphere and energy only by the iconic New York City in the US, London can absolutely guarantee to play host to an activity that any individual, regardless of taste, ability or preference can partake in and enjoy. Upcoming in the Summer of 2013 therefore, there’s an exciting new theatre production coming to town which tickets will become available for soon – looking for a place to stay while you take the trip? You know where we are!

Roald Dahl is regarded as one of the top children’s authors in the world and has been entertaining adults and children alike for decades. This year marks the 50th anniversary of his much-loved children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and what better way to celebrate the milestone than by seeing the story told to you live on stage!

The brand new stage adaptation will premier in London in June at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and promises to be as exciting and memorable as both film versions have been. The story is brought to life through music and lyrics written by the same people who brought us the hit musicals Hairspray and Smash and stars former Young One actor, Nigel Planer, as Grandpa Joe.

Award-winning playwright David Greig is the one responsible for bringing us the stage adaptation of the musical and is well known for bringing classic productions such as The Bacchae and Tintin to the modern stage. The story has been regarded as fantastical, yet it also has strong moral lessons about greed and sinfulness and as it was a cautionary tale for many new parents when they were children, so shall it be for the new generation of golden ticket hopefuls!

London’s West End is world-renowned and the perfect place to start your children’s fascination with theatre. It’s also a wonderful way to reignite your own passion for it as well as being a fantastic opportunity to spend some quality time with both your children and your own inner child.

If you’re planning a weekend away in London to watch one of the many shows in the west end, why not stay at our bed and breakfast in the heart of London’s theatre district.

B & B Belgravia ready to accommodate for the world’s largest cycling event









London is preparing itself for more Olympic style attention. The world’s largest cycling festival is due to pass through Wandsworth and Merton this summer. The news was announced by Boris Johnson, who has said Bradley Wiggins is also due to appear.

More than half a million spectators are due to visit London so they can cheer on their cycling heroes. The weekend of August 3rd and 4th will be joyfully reminiscent of the London Olympics 2012.

Around 20,000 amateur cyclists, including the London Mayor, will push to complete the 100-mile course. The Ride London-Surrey event begins in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park then passes some of the capitals most iconic landmarks before heading out to Richmond Park.

Speaking from The Mall, Boris said: “It’s going to be a fantastic feast of velocipedes, the equivalent of running the marathon, only better.

“I have been conscripted for the 100-mile ride and I will perform.”

Double Olympic Gold Medalist, Laura Trott said: “It’s exciting to think that in less than six months’ time, Ride London will have started and the streets of London and Surrey will be filled with over 70,000 cyclists taking part in the two-day festival’.

Visitors flock

Cyclists participating and their families will be looking for comfortable accommodation that is central to the start of the main event. The 500,000 people expected to attend Ride London means that bookings are being taken up fast.

Those cycling and their families certainly deserve modern comfort where they can mentally prepare the night before; not to mention a hearty English Breakfast to fuel them through the race.

 B & B Belgravia is able to provide these things and more with service to rival a 3-star Hotel.


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The Olympic Stadium prepares to rock London visitors in 2013

After the successful use of music and performance during the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics 2012, promoters are preparing the Olympic stadium for a host of large-scale music events in July 2013.

The iconic stadium will rival London’s other large venues, such as the O2 and Wembley Arena for being world-class music and performance arenas.

The upcoming July performances will mark the anniversary of the Olympic Games with acts expected to match the talents of last year’s athletes. Dennis Hone, chief executive of the London Legacy Development Corporation, told BBC London: “We have the opportunity to put on some major events in the Olympic Park- some music events and festivals and an anniversary weekend on the 27th and 28th of July”.

Taking on Hyde Park events

The announcement comes after previous complaints surrounding entertainment at Hyde Park. Paul McCartney, and Bruce Springsteen have both experienced the wrath of local residents and council restrictions: their microphones were cut off when their shows overran. Complaints about noise have almost doubled since 2008. The Olympic Stadium is more than equipped to take on these events, providing better seating, vision and sound from its highly sophisticated facilities.

London’s musical reputation grows again

The city has long been internationally regarded as having one of the world’s most vibrant music scenes. Artists of all levels flock to appear at venues around the city for their local and visiting fans.

Enjoy a full weekend of London attractions

With so much see, hear, and do, it comes as no surprise that many visitors choose to make their London stay a weekend break to remember. Enjoy the extra spending money you’ll be left with from a stay at a 3-star bed and breakfast, without any compromise on quality. B+B Belgravia’s modern furnishings, central location, and delicious breakfasts match the best 3-star hotels that London has to offer.


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Ice skate your way around London’s best attractions

Ice Skating at Somerset House, London

London has taken cues from New York with a growing number of exciting ice-skating rinks appearing around the City. Swirling your partner around the ice locked in a romantic stance, or sliding with style whilst admiring the London scenery are both exciting ways to spend a glamorous London break.

B+B Belgravia’s central location takes time out of the equation when deciding on where to skate first.


The Natural History Museum

Taking a sidestep from its usual activities, visitors can skate on a 950 square metre ice rink half the size of a football pitch from 2nd November to the 6th January. It is open 10am until 10pm most days. Ticket prices start at £9.

Book online with Ticketmaster or book in person at the ice rink box office in the museum gardens.


Tower of London

Skating is available outside one of London’s most iconic landmarks until the 6th of January 2013. Beefeaters and crows look on as visitors take to the dry moat and show off their skills. Ice guides are available for supervised group skating (£32 per session). Sessions last for one hour, and wheelchairs are welcome except during the last session of the day.

Peak time tickets are £13, off peak tickets cost £11.


Somerset House

The grand square outside this cultural landmark is hosting the most glamorous outdoor ice rink this year. Their unique offering comes in the form of ice skating club nights, which are not to be missed. Top DJ’s and artists play whilst crowds dance on the light covered arena. Upcoming performances include the Ministry of sound radio, Joey Negro, DJ Mag, and Lovesick.

Prices increase the later the sessions start with a 1hour 15-minute session at 16:15 costing £12.50. Individual prices are set for each club night.


B+B Belgravia has the modern comforts and hearty breakfasts to prepare you for the ice. We also have the comfortable beds and furnishings and to rest your weary legs. It is handy that some of the best shopping districts in the world, such as Harrods, are nearby should you be tired from all the skating.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland hits London

With the festive season approaching, London is preparing to host some of the best winter events in England’s tourist calendar. The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Festival has an excellent reputation for entertaining groups of friends and families searching for that festive boost in their spirits. Once again, B+B Belgravia is perfectly located to warm your toes after a fantastic evening.

Winter Wonderland Highlights

The festival transforms a large section of Hyde Park near Hyde Park station from the 23rd of November through to the 5th of January, giving you ample chance to experience its myriad of events.

  • Feel the rush of ice-skating in the open air; the ice rink is illuminated by 108,000 Victorian tea-lights for that extra spark of magic.
  • Find unique gifts at the Christmas market.
  • Marvel at the variety of skilled performers at Zippo’s Circus: A highly popular attraction, not just for being heated, which features breath-taking aerobics and illusions.
  • Fill the young ones with anticipation and excitement on a trip to Santa’s Grotto.
  • Refresh and warm up everyone in your group with the tasty Bavarian food and drinks on offer.
  • The Magical Ice Kingdom is a walk-through world of ice and snow where you will encounter woodland creatures and a unicorn-pulled carriage.

Unique festive B+B Belgravia experience 

The morning after such an evening deserves to be complimented with a fine English breakfast in your choice of modern rooms or studio apartments. You are also situated in central London with all of its winter attractions never too far away. Book now at B+B Belgravia and embrace London at this special time of year.

Taking In The Sights Of London On Bike

As London continues to become more accommodating to cyclists, here at B&B Belgravia we find ourselves in a great location for those looking to discover the many landmarks that the capital has to offer.

Despite public transport being comprehensive in London, taking the tube can mean you miss out on many sights, and on a warm day / rush hour it can be hot and uncomfortable; whilst London’s bus network leaves you at the mercy of traffic jams.

Here at B+B Belgravia we are lucky enough to have 3 London Cycle Hire docking stations within a 5-minute walk of our front door, however we would recommend turning right from our front door and walking to the end of Ebury Street. Here you should find many blue Boris bikes available for you to hire for the day. The pricing scheme is unique in that it promotes short travel, and after paying £1 for a 24 hour access fee and removing the bike from the docking station, you are then charged on the time it takes you to return the bike to any docking station across the capital. For every journey under 30 minutes not charged any extra, and those under an hour only charged £1 and so on. For more information on the charges for the scheme click here.

Providing the weather is nice, we would recommend taking an 8-mile route that takes in most of London’s major landmarks including Harrods, Piccadilly Circus, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

  • After leaving our bed and breakfast, start cycling towards Knightsbridge, where you will pass through Sloane Square before reaching Knightsbridge tube station. We would recommend parking up your bike at one of the docking stations here so that you can take in the world famous Harrods department store.
  • Hopping back on your bike, ride through the grounds of Hyde Park up to Marble Arch and then along Oxford Street.
  • After continuing along the world famous shopping street either on foot or by bike, stop at the Oxford Circus intersection, turn right and head Regents Street to pass Liberty London and Hamley’s Toy Shop before reaching Piccadilly Circus. It is worth parking your bike up here and then walking across to Covent Garden, via Leicester Square – don’t worry it’s not a long walk, only 15 minutes or so.
  • After seeing the sights around this part of London, jump back onto a bike and head onto the Embankment, where you will find yourself opposite the London Eye until you reach Westminster where you will come across Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
  • Round Parliament Square to go down past Whitehall and Downing Street before reaching Trafalgar Square. Here you will need to pass through Admiralty Arch to go onto the Mall, heading towards Buckingham Palace.
  • Once at the palace your 8 or so mile round trip of London would be near complete and you would have taken in the vast majority of London’s major landmarks. If you’re feeling a bit tired by now, don’t worry – you’re almost back at the Bed and Breakfast, as we’re less than a mile from the front gates of palace.

If you are considering using this form of transport, you will find that It’s a great way to get fit and to also explore the capital providing the weather holds up. Here are a few tips from Transport For London on how to stay safe when cycling around London.

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London Raises The Bar…

The 2012 Olympic games swept us all of our feet. Going into the games we had the ticketing fiasco and issues with security personnel, mixed with our very British pessimism, which meant many were indifferent to the games. But throughout those 16 days, the nation was glued to their TV screens willing Team GB on, as they brought home 65 medals.

Discounting the football, the show kicked off with Danny Boyle’s celebration of our past and present, with the British countryside, Industrial Revolution, British literature and our National Health Service playing big roles, before we were then greeted by the site of our neighbour – the Queen and James Bond skydiving into the stadium.

Being in London’s Belgravia district we were never too far from the action, with the Triathlon, Marathon and Cycling Road Races all finishing a mile down the road from us at the Mall. However after the disappointment of the mens road race, it took several days for Team GB to register their first gold with Helen Glover and Heather Stanning beginning the rush. But from then on, no one could’ve predicted the gold glut that saw Team GB finish in 3rd place, only behind superpowers China and the USA, in their largest haul since 1908.

Arguably the finest day was ‘Super Saturday‘, which saw Team GB pick up 6 golds. Britain started the day by picking up 2 gold’s at Eton Dorney, which also saw a new record set for most medals by a country in the Olympic Regatta, before 1 more was added at the Velodrome in the Olympic Park for the women’s team pursuit. And then we were treated to the finest night of Athletics this country has ever seen. Within the space of an hour, ‘face of the games’ Jessica Ennis won her Heptathlon in style, by winning the 800-metre race in front of an electric and partisan 80,000 crowd. Greg Rutherford then picked up gold in the long jump, before Mo Farah powered through to win the 10,0000-metre race.

Throughout the remainder of the games, the heroes of Team GB helped bring in a regular stream of medals, as the remarkable 29 gold medals ensured the achievements in Beijing were bettered, alongside the largest medals tally set in over a century. One notable achievement was Sir Chris Hoy smashing the record for most Olympic gold medals won by a member of Team GB.

And then it was onto the Spice Girls, The Who and many other globally recognised British acts to wrap up the show in a showcase closing ceremony that marked the end of a remarkable 2 weeks for our small country. In what has been a magnificent year for Britain with the Diamond jubilee and Olympics, we can only hope that this continues with the Paralympics!

Go Team GB!

Is Formula 1 Coming To The Streets Of London?

As the Formula 1 circus visited Britain last weekend, McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were championing an idea put forth by their principle sponsor – Santander, for a race to be run through the streets of London, around many of the iconic landmarks.

It comes just in a weekend where Silverstone showed its inability to deal with the unpredictable British weather, and would certainly be a glamour race in the same vein as Monaco.The course is currently pencilled in to take in the likes of Embankment, Parliament Square, Trafalger Square and the Mall, however because of its apparent impracticality – especially with such a narrow gap at Admiralty Arch – it has not been taken seriously up to now.

But the proposal seems to be getting more momentum after Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone says that its no joke and that he could even be prepared to waive the £35 million hosting fee for London, to force this idea through.

Some commentators have said that the cost of implementing the changes needed to host the Grand Prix would top £200million, with changes to the street furniture and such needed, however with the fee waived and an estimated £100million+ for London to make from the weekend, it is interesting how this will develop.

Then the view of the Londoners has to be taken in consideration. Will they put up with disruption of this kind for 1 long weekend every year, or is the upcoming Olympics enough for their lifetime? Here at B+B Belgravia we have our fingers crossed, as we wouldn’t mind seeing one of the fastest sports in the world on our doorstep.

Travelling by Tube in London – A Tourist’s Guide

Whether you’re visiting London for business or pleasure, the chances are you’ll have to take the Tube at some point to get from A to B. Central London’s so vast and the roads are incredibly congested so the Tube is often the most practical commuting solution.

For first-time Tube riders a number of emotions may creep over them before embarking on their first underground pursuit; excitement at riding on London’s iconic transport infrastructure, anticipation at the thought of being underground and general confusion at trying to navigate the system. The fact is; there’s a sort of unwritten code of conduct on the Tube that savvy commuters always adhere to which ensures safety and efficiency for travellers using the underground. The best thing you can do as a newbie is read this simple guide so you don’t have “lost tourist” written across your forehead.

Underground Fares and Ticket Debunking

The London Underground can be a confusing concept to grasp in terms of fares and tickets. Firstly, you need to establish which zones you will be travelling in; Tube tickets are priced according to how many zones you will cross and how many single journeys you will make in a day.

For example, a daily travel card for zones 1-3 (off-peak) costs £7.70 and enables you to make unlimited journeys within those zones, whereas a single journey within those zones costs £4.30. So if you intend to make more than one trip within those zones you may be best purchasing a travel card.

Alternatively, you can purchase an Oyster Card which basically entitles you to cheaper fares on any mode of public transport in zoned London areas. For example, the regular zone 1-3 single fare would £4.30 as mentioned before, but with an Oyster Card would only be £2.60. If you made various journeys within zones 1-3 your Oyster Card would stop charging you once it hits the daily cap (which is the equivalent price of the daily travel card). It also allows you to top up Pay as You Go style in Tube and train stations as well as at a large number of off licences.

You can also load railcards onto your Oyster Card for further savings; you get an extra 34% off single and daily price caps so it’s definitely worth utilising! You can load a railcard onto your Oyster by visiting any train or Tube, London Overground and certain national rail ticket offices.

Navigating the System
Before even thinking about getting on the Tube it’s highly recommended that you have a look at the Tube map and plan your journey as best you can before setting out. Certain lines only run through certain stations, so you may be required to change lines at particular stations to reach your intended destination.

If you have a smartphone then it’s definitely worth downloading the Tube Map App, not only is it convenient to have on your person at all times but it also calculates your journeys for you! If you put your starting point and intended destination it will pick the most efficient route, informing you of any changes required and providing you with an estimated journey time. Of course if you do get lost there are plenty of Underground staff on hand to help you find your way.

If you’re planning to travel via Tube at the weekend then allow extra time for your journey. The Underground often suffers from partial line closures at the weekend for planned engineering work, so you may have to take an alternate route or endure delays. This is due to the Underground track being rather ancient and needing a refurbishment.

If you’re intrigued by the transport system that is, in its own right a major tourist attraction, then why not watch the BBC documentary series The Tube? It delves into the daily life of Underground staff filling various roles and provides an interesting insight into how it all runs. It also gives Tube novices a fairly good idea of what to expect when travelling on the Underground!

About the author: Stephanie Staszko writes for MF Airport Parking who provide cheap London Heathrow Airport Parking for those visiting the Capital by air.

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