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Is Formula 1 Coming To The Streets Of London?

As the Formula 1 circus visited Britain last weekend, McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button were championing an idea put forth by their principle sponsor – Santander, for a race to be run through the streets of London, around many of the iconic landmarks.

It comes just in a weekend where Silverstone showed its inability to deal with the unpredictable British weather, and would certainly be a glamour race in the same vein as Monaco.The course is currently pencilled in to take in the likes of Embankment, Parliament Square, Trafalger Square and the Mall, however because of its apparent impracticality – especially with such a narrow gap at Admiralty Arch – it has not been taken seriously up to now.

But the proposal seems to be getting more momentum after Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone says that its no joke and that he could even be prepared to waive the £35 million hosting fee for London, to force this idea through.

Some commentators have said that the cost of implementing the changes needed to host the Grand Prix would top £200million, with changes to the street furniture and such needed, however with the fee waived and an estimated £100million+ for London to make from the weekend, it is interesting how this will develop.

Then the view of the Londoners has to be taken in consideration. Will they put up with disruption of this kind for 1 long weekend every year, or is the upcoming Olympics enough for their lifetime? Here at B+B Belgravia we have our fingers crossed, as we wouldn’t mind seeing one of the fastest sports in the world on our doorstep.