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Belgravia tops place of most desirable places to live

A survey we carried out recently revealed that of all the places in London to live, Belgravia is the most desirable. It appears that most people would like to rub shoulders with the rich and famous – and perhaps even The Queen!

More than 1 in 3 people said they would choose to live near our B+B – but admitted that they probably couldn’t afford it! So we’re still an aspirational nation, which is comforting. 75% of people said that London was “too expensive”, but what was especially interesting was the differences between generations.

Most young people wanted to live in Canary Wharf, while middle aged people tended to aspire to live in trendy Islington – especially middle-age women. It was actually the over-55s who voted en masse for Belgravia as their choice of abode.

When you think about it, this is probably quite natural – young people want jobs and money, and Canary Wharf has both, as well as a growing number of trendy (but expensive) apartments. Islington has bars and restaurants, and a certain relaxed atmosphere that would be perfect for young families who want to bring their children up in the city itself, without having to move to the suburbs.

Belgravia is known for its upmarket chic, with many famous residents such as Roman Abramovich, Michael Caine and Sean Connery pushing up the value of housing way beyond the million mark. It’s also known for its Michelin-starred restaurants, so if you want a bit of the high-life, it’s the perfect place.